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If you’ve read my blog, then you know how I feel about spending a fortune on children’s clothes. The answer is: I don’t. We all know that kids grow fast, and we all know that clothes for those little ones are crazy expensive. I love to save money in anyway possible and today I get to share one of the solutions to a problem we frugal moms face.

It all started when I met Nicole. She’s not only a mom, she’s a business owner of a company called Repurposed Threads. So get this, the concept of her company formed from her desire to save money on her daughter’s clothes… And an accidental bleach spill! She actually shared with me that while she was at work, she spilled some on her pants and realized that instead of throwing them away she’d make a design and customize them to her liking! Really quickly-Guys, I live for networking and collaborations for these very reasons, I learn the coolest things about people and their foundation!

Repurposed Threads makes me think of that quote “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We all know that’s basically how thrifting works. Something in someone’s wardrobe no longer works out, so someone else picks it up at Goodwill, and gives it a second chance at life.

Repurposed Threads does all of that and then some… How do I put it?

Their custom pieces are REBORN and basically baptized in bleach.

So her clothes are not only cute, they’re also affordable! And honestly I find that some of her clothes are little edgy/grungy. Cute and badass! From babies, to kids, and even adults there’s a wide range to select from!

If you think about it it’s a one stop shop for the entire family!

Also, enjoy a little more saving while you’re at it. Use code “ENJOY 30″ on any order that’s $15 or more and you” get 30% off your purchase. Offer ends 9/1/2017.

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Look at the onesie this little one is rocking!

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Obviously over taking pictures at this point. Levi’s face says it all!

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“ALOHA ALL DAY EVERY DAY” Yas! We’re originally from Hawaii, remember guys? So this piece totally stuck out to us. Fun fact: This is a kid’s Hurley shirt. Nicole doesn’t just pick out the first thing she sees. She put the time and effort into making sure that every single piece of clothing is of good quality!

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Daddy duty. Brandon “Oh my God, this thing makes life so much easier!” Dude, we’ve had this thing when we had kid number one. Only now you’re realizing?

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My smiley little Mase!

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Down the slide we go! Mason’s second favorite to the swing.

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‘Twas a little hot outdoors guys!

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Melting guys, I’m absolutely melting.


Hope you’re all enjoying your week so far! We’ve almost made it to Friday, hang in there.

Ana Golobic

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