DIY Sharpie Mugs

This past weekend, Brandon and I got a little crafty and decided to try out a cool little Sharpie Mug DIY we’d seen over on Pinterest! We’re definitely not artists, but we had fun with it and kept a Lysol wipe nearby to erase our mistakes!

The best part about this hack is that it requires little to no money!

I will share the materials needed and directions based on what we did.

Here’s what you need:


  1. Take out your cookie pan and preheat your oven to 250 degrees!
  2. Wash and dry your mug completely! Be sure to remove all excess water to prep for your drawing! You don’t want a watery canvas nor a ruined sharpie.
  3. Draw your design. In our photos below you’ll see that we completely free handed each of drawing! But here you’ll find a method that’s much easier! If you make a mistake wipe your mug clean with a lysol wipe and let dry!
  4. When you’ve completed your design place your mug on the cookie pan along with a cookie sheet so you don’t scratch your mug! Put these bad boys in the oven for 2 hours!
  5. Once those two hours are up, you’re good to go! Be sure that the temperature in your house isn’t too cold, as they may crack due to a drastic temperature change. With that being said, no cold beverages until they are fully cooled.

These mugs should only be hand washed!

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Blank canvas! Let’s do this! PS I LOVE metallic sharpies. The sharpies were $5 over at Target, but I’m sure you have a black one in a drawer some where!

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Inspiration credit for each mug: “Espresso Patronum“, “A+B“, the last is an original.

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Fun fact: When I was in elementary school we moved to England (I’m a military brat AND spouse) and one of the houses we were checking out was JK Rowling’s at the time! If you’re not a big HP fan, JK wrote the books!


“FU MONDAY U SUCK” Brandon just really hates Mondays…


My man lookin’ like an absolute snack!

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My husband being my husband.

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Pretending to sip our mugs that haven’t been baked yet!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this one.

There’s more to come!

Ana & Brandon Golobic