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Introducing: “Mamas After Bedtime”

Snow Bird

I’ve partnered with Shy otherwise known as @mermamashy over on Instagram and together we’ve created “Mamas After Bedtime”! Every Friday we will be sharing our personal thoughts on some of the most controversial topics that deal with parenting.

What!? Yes, you heard that right!

Not only will we be sharing our thoughts, but we want to hear yours as well.

DISCLAIMER: We may not agree on everything, and that’s life!

We all have our reasons for our beliefs. We want to know what your reasons are so that we can better understand each other as parents in a community.

Now, to give you just a glimpse, here are some of the topics we may potentially cover:

  • Breastfeeding in public with or without a nursing cover
  • Children’s safety leashes
  • Kids being disciplined by family members
  • The “Acceptable” age for your kids to date
  • Putting kids in preschool as a SAHM or a WM that is financially stable
  • Giving kids an allowance

Opinions are welcomed! Negativity is not!

Comments will be deleted if that’s where the road leads (I don’t think we need to go into detail)!

Hope y’all are excited for this one!

Ana Golobic

PS: This is our take on making a parenting forum! We understand that there are others out there that exist and don’t want any of you to think it’s a stolen idea!

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Theraplex // What Defines Love: The Answer To Your Eczema

We’ve finally found a product line with moisturizers that work for us!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to… *Drum roll*

The Therplex Company

Hypoallergenic, paraben, phthalate, gluten, fragrance, and cruelty FREE!

Guys, it’s basically crap free. #thumbsup

‘Specially created for those with severely dry skin and eczema!

Fact: According to the National Eczema Organization, 30 million Americans suffer from the skin condition!


Story time:

If you didn’t know already, last year we made a big change, and moved from Hawaii to North Dakota. It just happened to be our luck, but we got hit the worst winter you could ever imagine (The locals say it was the worst since 2011). The only thing you could see out of our living room window, was snow.

The wind was freezing cold and burned our skin with every gust.

My husband’s lips were so red and cracked that he was embarrassed to even leave the house!

But Mason… My poor baby Mason’s legs were covered in scabs from his constant scratching of his eczema.

We tried everything. Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and baby oil, Cetaphil (Recommended by my sister who suffers from eczema), Aveeno, Aquaphor, Eucerin (Doctor’s rec who also suffers from eczema) and more. Nothing had worked. We eventually began to change his soap and finally settled on something that had more antibacterial properties. It helped some. But at the end of the day, we still needed a moisturizer. We continued to try other products, but again. Nothing.

Winter finally came to an end in April, thank God we survived those six months…

Thankfully, Mason’s eczema slightly cleared up, as it flares up severely in dry and cold weather.


We’ve tried Theraplex on the kids for the past few weeks and it’s been amazing!

For the most part, we’ve been using it as a simple moisturizer for Mason since his skin is currently in good shape *fingers crossed*. Occasionally, he’ll have an eczema outbreak on his waistline, but Theraplex clears it right up.

As for Levi, he normally breaks out on his cheeks that turn red and bumpy, since we began using these products, his cheeks are as smooth as his butt.

I’m happy knowing that it works for us now, but ultimately winter will tell.

I’m certain that if it works on the little outbreaks now, it will be able to control the more severe cases we deal with when the weather becomes more cold and dry.



The Theraplex Company is very big on the saying “Less is more” here’s a little chart that compares the ingredients of other products to products of their own! Crazy to know we put all of these things on our skin without even reading the ingredients.


I love all of these products, but my favorite is in the pink spray bottle it’s called “ClearLotion“! The directions list to spritz it on when you’re fresh out of the shower, with your body still wet! After spraying it on, you dry off with a towel!


Here you see me holding open “Barrier Balm“. It’s infused with hydrosilicone and petrolatum which helps penetrate deeply into the skin!


Sealed with the stamp of approval from the National Eczema Association! Seriously, how cool is that?! We use the “Eczema Therapy” ‘specially for Mason’s minor flares on his waist line.


Look at that precious little face! Ah! Best of all, (Minus the dollop of products on Levi’s forehead and cheeks) look at how clear his skin is! We use their “Emollient” specially on his cheeks.

Doctor Sarah Pietrangelo a medical advisor on the Theraplex team was nice enough to send us these goodies. She lives and swears by them for her own family (Husband, toddler, and baby) and as a pediatrician, she even recommends them to her patients!

Overall, I’m relieved knowing that we are going into this upcoming winter PREPARED Theraplex by our side. Without a doubt in my mind I know it will be a trusted family product in every season for us!

Try these products out for yourself, you’ll fall in love.

Best of luck on your skin journey,

Ana Golobic

Click the link below to shop!


Click the link below to learn more about eczema.


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Here Comes The Moon // What Defines Love// Giveaway Closed!


Follow the links below to shop the item!

Row 1: It Just Blooms // Cadillac // Love Machine // Roar

Row 2: Milk To My Shake

Row 3: Wildflowers // May Your Moccasins // Give Me Love

Row 4: Heart Tugger // I Love You

I’ve collaborated with Chiara from Here Comes The Moon, and we’ve put together an awesome little giveaway! Not one, not two, but THREE lucky winners will be able to win a product of their choice. From clothes for the kiddos, to dainty wall art, and canvas printed bags, there’s a variety to choose from.

The rules to win are oh so simple!

  1. Follow us on Instagram (@andreannagolobic + @_herecomesthemoon_
  2. Like any photo regarding the giveaway
  3. Tag three of your friends!

That’s it guys.

We wish you all the best of luck, as the winners will be selected on August 5th, of 2017.


Here you’ll see Mason rocking Here Comes The Moon’s cream onesie in “Love Machine“.


Tuggin’ Hearts since ’17. Still can’t believe I actually had this little ham this year!


Levi’s face says it all. He’s done putting up with Mason’s crap. But howdy, hubby!



I love this sign! We happened to see it on our way out of Main Street Books over in town. Whether you’re shopping local or even online for handmade goods, know that you are making a difference in a person’s life, someone not so different from you and I.


Can’t get this kid to take photos unless I bribe him with a cookie!


Doing his job and doing it well: Making me melt. Tug my heart lil’ one.


About The Owner

“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon”- Masahide

Here Comes the Moon began as a way for me to recreate and rebuild after a difficult time. At 5 and a half months singly pregnant, I’d lost my job unexpectedly and found myself in an overwhelming circumstance.

I’m now convinced that timing is everything in life, even when at first we may not understand why. During my first year as a single mom, I decided to delve into my creativity and start working on some of the ideas I had always put on the back burner. Little by little, my plans slowly started coming together, into what eventually became “Here Comes the Moon.” From an unlikely time, when everything seemed impossible, I had the strong desire to make a major change. With nothing to lose, I took my first step as an entrepreneur and could not be more grateful for the entire experience!

Here Comes the Moon is dedicated to my light bright of a daughter, little miss Lucette Moon. I’m beyond blessed that I have her currently pulling at my pant legs and forever pulling at my heart strings. Children are pure magic and I am over the moon that Lucette chose me to be her mama.

In the hope to make a difference, I will be donating a percentage of my profits each year to a women’s organization of my choice. The amount of help I received during a time when I had very little, will never be forgotten. I’ve learned through my experience that taking care of each other is the greatest gift we can give one another.

Many blessings and I hope you enjoy my little shop! There will be much more to come!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love being apart of this community.

The people I’ve met along the way have truly inspired me in ways unimaginable.

Chiara’s story in particular reminds us that life doesn’t always go as planned, but ultimately it’s what you make it.

Ana Golobic

Click the link below to shop!


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5 Random Facts About Breastfeeding: Happy National Breastfeeding Month!

Don’t cry over spilled milk… Unless it’s breast milk, bawl your fucking eyes out.

-Rotten Cards

Happy National Breastfeeding Month!

Yeah, you read that right.

Okay, let’s be honest, I had no idea it was a thing until recently… And neither did you!

Here are 5 random facts about breastfeeding!

  1. A woman’s right breast usually produces more milk than her left. (Cindyandjana)
  2. If you’re a boy mom you’ll produce thiry extra grams of milk! (Thestir.Cafemom)
  3. Your boobs can leak even if you just think about your baby OR hear your baby crying! (Todaysparent)
  4. Breastfeeding can save parent anywhere from $1200-$1500 in formula-related expenses. (Yourtango)
  5. Moms that breastfeed can approximately 45 more minutes of rest than moms that don’t! (Breastfeedinginc)

Each fact was grabbed from the sources listed in the parenthesis. Following the links to each website will enable you to see the valid sources for each fact.

Hope you’re all doing dandy, on this wondeful Thursday night!

Ana Golobic

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What Defines Love // Kalina’s Creations

After many years of infertility, treatments, the very tragic loss of twins, and recently a 25 week old baby boy… Kalina and her husband have decided that adoption would be their next step. Her shop was created in hopes of being able to raise the funds needed to adopt. I’ve partnered up with Kalina over from Kalina’s Creations and we’ve decided to give y’all a sepcial discount of 20% off of all orders over $20.

Use code “SHOP20OFF” at checkout! Offer ends 7.22.2017.

Please be sure to stop by her shop and take a look! If you’d be ever so kind also share her story and shop with other mama friends you know! And of course, please keep her family in your prayers!


Look at that precious little face. I’m seriously melting.


My baby posing like a superhero.


This bandana bib is EVERYTHING!


Perfect for these two littles!



Big brother, the shirt says it all… Big brothers rarely ever share.


It’s people like Kalina that make networking such a fun yet touching experience.

Thank you for your business Kalina,

Ana Golobic

Click the link below to shop!


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My Breastfeeding Journey Comes To An End: I’ll Miss It

For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you know that I was all for breastfeeding! I still am, although sad to say I am no longer doing so.
My second born, Levi will be making four months in just a few weeks! Four months!? And to think, I breastfed him from the very beginning. For some of you moms out there you might think “Wow! Four months? That’s it?”, again in my previous blog related to breastfeeding, this was my first time committing to actually doing the deed. That’s as a mom of not one, but two.
Why did I stop?

Now, let’s be honest. I didn’t pump as often as I had before, but I had never stopped. Recently, my family visited and because we were so on the go, making the most of the little time we had together I wasn’t pumping regularly… My milk production dropped rapidly. I went from producing 4 ounces per boob to 3, to 2, then 1 ounce both boobs combined. While this was all happening, I made sure I drank a ton of water, continued on with a good diet, and even tried out Premama’s lactation supplement but unfortunately nothing had worked.
It was time. Formula was bought and then mixed half-half with the remaining milk we had, to make a safe transition.
At first, I felt a sense of guilt. Breastfeeding will always be best. We all know of the scientific studies conducted that have shown that children are less likely to develop certain health disorders and diseases because of it. When it comes down to it, the action of breastfeeding is our body’s natural way of feeding a baby. The proof is literally in our nature as humans. With all of this in mind, my heart felt broken because I ultimately knew I wasn’t giving my child the best I could.
But, I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to move on, call it a day, and do the next best thing I could: formula feed.
A month later…
Now that we’re fully formula feeding I honestly feel at ease. No more washing a bunch of little pieces that go to the pump, no more waking up at random hours to pump while half awake, no clogged ducts or leaky boobs, I’m happy to be back in a normal bra and feel kinda cute for once! I feel like I can breathe again and that I have more energy because honestly a lot of my time isn’t being invested into breastfeeding anymore.
If I could go back in time and breast feed again with Levi, would I? Yes. It’s all about that bond, the intimacy and closeness that comes along with breastfeeding. It’s so special, and honestly besides all of the amazing health benefits it has for both mom and baby, for me it comes down to the bond. This was my first time experiencing it as a mom of two and if I could go back in time I’d surely breastfeed my first child.
Do you formula feed or breastfeed and why? Be sure to post your answers either here or on my Instagram post!
Ana Golobic

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Waterpark Fun: With a Helicopter Mom and a Fearless Toddler!

I’ll be honest, the amount of things I did over the course of my family’s visit (I know, these blogs are late–but I’m catching up) is the most we ever did, here in North Dakota. Cut me some slack! We moved here last June, and it began snowing in October. We’ve basically been cooped up all winter (The snow didn’t melt until March-ish).

We stopped by our local water park over in Dakota Square Mall and to my surprise, I’d say it was decent and worth it ($17 for a day pass, the pool opens at 9 and closes at 9, you are allowed to leave and re-enter if you decide to grab a bite). Honestly, there isn’t much to do here in North Dakota, so we have to make the most of it. The water park back home “Wet N’ Wild” is $50 for an all day pass, has a ton of attractions, but there is no re-entry and you aren’t able to bring outside food (The prices are jacked up there due to the crazy amount of tourism).

Call me helicopter mom, I’m okay with it. But I was watching Mason like a HAWK! Even with Brandon watching him, I was standing at the edge of the pool in my dry non-swimming clothes, of course (Someone had to watch Levi) ready to jump in the water if anything happened! I know, -insert crying+laughing emoji face here-.

My toddler absolutely LOVES the water! He is fearless. He’d jump in on his own if we weren’t watching him. We’d take a break every so often so he could catch his breath, and of course he cried because he didn’t want to be anywhere but in the water!


Baby crack kills too!


Taking on the frog slide like a big boy! Also, those are my siblings on the left and right. The life guard had to tell them a few times to cool it because they play so rough! #facepalm

I’m glad I found something we can do indoors during the winter!

Ana Golobic