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5 Random Facts About Breastfeeding: Happy National Breastfeeding Month!

Don’t cry over spilled milk… Unless it’s breast milk, bawl your fucking eyes out.

-Rotten Cards

Happy National Breastfeeding Month!

Yeah, you read that right.

Okay, let’s be honest, I had no idea it was a thing until recently… And neither did you!

Here are 5 random facts about breastfeeding!

  1. A woman’s right breast usually produces more milk than her left. (Cindyandjana)
  2. If you’re a boy mom you’ll produce thiry extra grams of milk! (Thestir.Cafemom)
  3. Your boobs can leak even if you just think about your baby OR hear your baby crying! (Todaysparent)
  4. Breastfeeding can save parent anywhere from $1200-$1500 in formula-related expenses. (Yourtango)
  5. Moms that breastfeed can approximately 45 more minutes of rest than moms that don’t! (Breastfeedinginc)

Each fact was grabbed from the sources listed in the parenthesis. Following the links to each website will enable you to see the valid sources for each fact.

Hope you’re all doing dandy, on this wondeful Thursday night!

Ana Golobic

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My Breastfeeding Journey Comes To An End: I’ll Miss It

For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you know that I was all for breastfeeding! I still am, although sad to say I am no longer doing so.
My second born, Levi will be making four months in just a few weeks! Four months!? And to think, I breastfed him from the very beginning. For some of you moms out there you might think “Wow! Four months? That’s it?”, again in my previous blog related to breastfeeding, this was my first time committing to actually doing the deed. That’s as a mom of not one, but two.
Why did I stop?

Now, let’s be honest. I didn’t pump as often as I had before, but I had never stopped. Recently, my family visited and because we were so on the go, making the most of the little time we had together I wasn’t pumping regularly… My milk production dropped rapidly. I went from producing 4 ounces per boob to 3, to 2, then 1 ounce both boobs combined. While this was all happening, I made sure I drank a ton of water, continued on with a good diet, and even tried out Premama’s lactation supplement but unfortunately nothing had worked.
It was time. Formula was bought and then mixed half-half with the remaining milk we had, to make a safe transition.
At first, I felt a sense of guilt. Breastfeeding will always be best. We all know of the scientific studies conducted that have shown that children are less likely to develop certain health disorders and diseases because of it. When it comes down to it, the action of breastfeeding is our body’s natural way of feeding a baby. The proof is literally in our nature as humans. With all of this in mind, my heart felt broken because I ultimately knew I wasn’t giving my child the best I could.
But, I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to move on, call it a day, and do the next best thing I could: formula feed.
A month later…
Now that we’re fully formula feeding I honestly feel at ease. No more washing a bunch of little pieces that go to the pump, no more waking up at random hours to pump while half awake, no clogged ducts or leaky boobs, I’m happy to be back in a normal bra and feel kinda cute for once! I feel like I can breathe again and that I have more energy because honestly a lot of my time isn’t being invested into breastfeeding anymore.
If I could go back in time and breast feed again with Levi, would I? Yes. It’s all about that bond, the intimacy and closeness that comes along with breastfeeding. It’s so special, and honestly besides all of the amazing health benefits it has for both mom and baby, for me it comes down to the bond. This was my first time experiencing it as a mom of two and if I could go back in time I’d surely breastfeed my first child.
Do you formula feed or breastfeed and why? Be sure to post your answers either here or on my Instagram post!
Ana Golobic

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5 Things I Realized After Pregnancy

1. I DID Have Stretch Marks

Throughout my first pregnancy I was constantly looking in the mirror to see if I had stretch marks. I was happy to see that none had appeared! Yay me! I took every opportunity I had to lather myself in lotion. I made sure to put it on my thighs, butt, and of course my tummy. Fast forward to when I actually gave birth… There they were! I remember walking to the restroom to take a shower in the hospital and the mirror revealed the one thing I worked ever so hard to prevent, stretch marks. How cruel, body… How cruel.

2. I Couldn’t Get Glasses

This one was a huge bummer! Before my pregnancy my vision wasn’t the best, but boy did it get worse while I was pregnant. I made it a point to visit the eye doctor, but it ended up being after I gave birth because I was honestly just SO busy during my pregnancy. We finally had the time to do everything we needed to since I was on maternity leave and the hubby was on his paternity leave as well. I was excited to finally kiss the blurriness farewell… That was until my eye doctor told me we’d have to wait 3 months until he could prescribe me glasses! 3 months! What?! Yeah, apparently your hormones can still do things to funk up your vision.

3. I Wasted Money on Tea Tree

I love tea tree! Still to this very day, although just not as much… I’ll be real. I bought shampoo, conditioner, body soap (Both liquid and solid form-yeah wow), face wash, toner, face moisturizer, body moisturizer, and heck even a mask! I remember putting product in my hand, smelling my hands, and sighing in relief. My husband told me I was like the dude obsessed with hair from Charlie’s Angels. I think that’ll paint a better picture for you as to how obsessed I was. #cryingfaceemoji The addiction for tea tree was real, yes olfactory changes happen during pregnancy. No, they don’t last forever so don’t get suckered!

4. I’d Rather Hold My Piss

Yeah, you read that correctly. I would seriously be so scared to pee! It burned so badly I would find myself tearing up. Catheters man. Mom’s you know exactly what I’m talking about! I don’t think I need to go into details on this one.

5. Post Partum Hives Exist

Another joy post pregnancy: Hives. Yes, they exist. I had no idea until after giving birth when I would constantly break out into hives all over my legs and arms. Eczema does run through my family so I was overjoyed knowing that it’s not what I had and that eventually it would pass. I’d say it lasted for about 7 months after having Mason. I’m happy to say that although I do get them now, after having Levi they aren’t as severe.


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Going Cheap On Kid’s Clothes: Are Expensive Clothes Worth It?

My children have a ton of clothes! No kidding, they’re set up until they’re about five. Again, I have a 1 1/2 year old, and a 2 month old, both are boys so they can share clothes of course. Let me be honest, my husband and I haven’t spent more than $100 on clothes for our children, let alone $50. The reason for this is simple, we’ve pretty much scored all of their clothes from their baby showers, other family members (Whether they purchased new clothes or passed along hand-me-downs), and garage sales! Some of you may not be that lucky as maybe you didn’t have a baby shower, maybe you’re the first to have kids in your family, and maybe money is a little tight this month. So click here to learn how to save money on kids clothes. Yup, I got you covered.

Don’t get me wrong, despite the amount of clothes the kids have, we could┬ábe unnecessary and buy more.

Why we don’t?:

  1. Clothes for kids are expensive
  2. They’ll grow out of them

I’m that person that looks for coupons and deals. If I know that I can get an item cheaper elsewhere, I’ll put it back on the rack and drive my happy butt wherever that elsewhere may be. If you’re not the type of person that looks at the screen when you’re getting rung up to double check that the prices are correct and the total adds up to that number you calculated on your phone’s calculator, I cringe for you. A pair of children’s shoes can start at $20, kick up to $40 and even go up from there. That’s ridiculous! We’re talking about shoes for kids!

Let’s continue with the shoe concept for a minute. Say I bought a pair of $40 shoes for my kid, I could also buy a pair of shoes for myself at the same price (Maybe even score a buy two pairs for $40) and I could wear them for the rest. of. my. life. Would you purchase an expensive article of clothing for yourself, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to fit it months from now? If the answer is yes, you’re crazy. Let’s be realistic guys! Kids grow fast. I’m one of those mom’s that bawl up on the couch just looking at old photos of my kids (While they’re sleeping) because I think of how much they’ve grown since. I remember when I just found out I was pregnant with my first child. He turns two this year. Do yourself a favor, grab a newborn onesie and lay it next to a 3-6 month onesie. Do you see how big the difference is and just how short of the time between the two is!?

There are other things to think about, maybe your kids are the ones that always end up spilling things and dirtying their clothes, maybe they don’t even care about what they’re wearing (Believe it or not some kids are picky) that pattern may be cute to you, but you know they love Cars and My Little Pony, maybe the clothes you’re buying are nice but they may not be comfortable. There’s a lot more to it.

Well, the money you might be spending on your children’s clothes may be a lot, or it may be a little. Whatever that amount of money is, just remember it’s spent for a temporary cause.

It’s your money, but hey…

Think about it,

Ana Golobic



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Breastfeeding Motivation: My Story

First off, let me start with: Don’t give up

For you expecting mothers…

Don’t give up before you had the chance to start.

Before having Mason (My first-born) I already knew that I wanted to formula feed. Mainly because I thought that breastfeeding would be too much work. Growing up I was always told not to knock something before trying it, and this was one of those things. Sorta. Well, I mean if you count feeding in the hospital and maybe like 3 days after being discharged as “trying“. Within those few days my boobs hurt like hell and my nipples bled. I was OVER it. Even after getting my free pump through my insurance, I let my milk dry up, called it a day, and never looked back. After all, Mason seemed perfectly fine drinking Similac, and I had no complaints from the doc about his health.

I reflect on this time and feel bad for Mason because I didn’t give it enough effort.

Fast forward.

Levi was born (2 months ago to be exact). Again, I knew I was going to formula feed and said it religiously while pregnant every single time my OB asked. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, a girlfriend of mine found out that her and her husband were expecting! We discussed so many things about motherhood and parenting practices, and of course one of them was breastfeeding. She had shared with me that she was pretty certain that she was going to breastfeed, while I continued to say I was set on formula. My girlfriend gave birth a few months before me so of course we chatted all about breastfeeding and just about everything else, up until I had Levi. She remained consistent with breastfeeding on her first child, to this day! To me, that’s #supermom material.

Honestly, because of her efforts and persistence, she motivated me to… Drum roll… Breastfeed! So shout out to Clyde’s mama!

Since Levi was born he has been fed boob milk. But get this, the moment I got my pump (two days after being discharged) it was strictly pumped milk. To this day I still deal with clogged ducts, bleeding nipples, so on and so forth, yes I still have the same issues I would if it was mouth-to-boob (No mastitis, thank God). Many moms find it easier to feed from the actual boobs, others find it easier to pump. Whichever form of breastfeeding works for you, do it to it!

As a mom of two, a 1 1/2 year old toddler and a 2 month old I have managed to breastfeed. It may sound far fetched for those who had the same experience with their first child, but I manage. I’m not only taking care of two kiddos at home, but I have also returned to work. Due to our situation, we don’t have an extra hand with child care, so it’s only me until my husband comes home from work. That means yes, I still cook, clean the house, and tend to two little ones. Plus my Shiba baby. When I come home from work at night, I still get up in the night to feed Levi (My husband works first thing in the morning, 7am to be exact), pump more milk, wash the pump supplies (The worst part) and repeat until morning. Oh yeah. At work? Pumping. Add another thing on the list that I’m making time for while breastfeeding: blogging.

Hey, my OB’s son is turning 1 and she’s breastfeeding. Come on. She’s a doctor! Imagine those long hours of working, I’m sure she’s tired as hell. But hey, she does it.

If you’re reading this and you’re contemplating whether or not you can continue to breastfeed or do it all-shout out to the expecting mothers…

Trust me, you can.

I have faith in you,

Ana Golobic