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Introducing: “Mamas After Bedtime”

Snow Bird

I’ve partnered with Shy otherwise known as @mermamashy over on Instagram and together we’ve created “Mamas After Bedtime”! Every Friday we will be sharing our personal thoughts on some of the most controversial topics that deal with parenting.

What!? Yes, you heard that right!

Not only will we be sharing our thoughts, but we want to hear yours as well.

DISCLAIMER: We may not agree on everything, and that’s life!

We all have our reasons for our beliefs. We want to know what your reasons are so that we can better understand each other as parents in a community.

Now, to give you just a glimpse, here are some of the topics we may potentially cover:

  • Breastfeeding in public with or without a nursing cover
  • Children’s safety leashes
  • Kids being disciplined by family members
  • The “Acceptable” age for your kids to date
  • Putting kids in preschool as a SAHM or a WM that is financially stable
  • Giving kids an allowance

Opinions are welcomed! Negativity is not!

Comments will be deleted if that’s where the road leads (I don’t think we need to go into detail)!

Hope y’all are excited for this one!

Ana Golobic

PS: This is our take on making a parenting forum! We understand that there are others out there that exist and don’t want any of you to think it’s a stolen idea!


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