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Waterpark Fun: With a Helicopter Mom and a Fearless Toddler!

I’ll be honest, the amount of things I did over the course of my family’s visit (I know, these blogs are late–but I’m catching up) is the most we ever did, here in North Dakota. Cut me some slack! We moved here last June, and it began snowing in October. We’ve basically been cooped up all winter (The snow didn’t melt until March-ish).

We stopped by our local water park over in Dakota Square Mall and to my surprise, I’d say it was decent and worth it ($17 for a day pass, the pool opens at 9 and closes at 9, you are allowed to leave and re-enter if you decide to grab a bite). Honestly, there isn’t much to do here in North Dakota, so we have to make the most of it. The water park back home “Wet N’ Wild” is $50 for an all day pass, has a ton of attractions, but there is no re-entry and you aren’t able to bring outside food (The prices are jacked up there due to the crazy amount of tourism).

Call me helicopter mom, I’m okay with it. But I was watching Mason like a HAWK! Even with Brandon watching him, I was standing at the edge of the pool in my dry non-swimming clothes, of course (Someone had to watch Levi) ready to jump in the water if anything happened! I know, -insert crying+laughing emoji face here-.

My toddler absolutely LOVES the water! He is fearless. He’d jump in on his own if we weren’t watching him. We’d take a break every so often so he could catch his breath, and of course he cried because he didn’t want to be anywhere but in the water!


Baby crack kills too!


Taking on the frog slide like a big boy! Also, those are my siblings on the left and right. The life guard had to tell them a few times to cool it because they play so rough! #facepalm

I’m glad I found something we can do indoors during the winter!

Ana Golobic


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