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Scoring Cheap Kid’s Clothes!

So we’ve established this already, kid’s clothes are expensive.

Here are a few ways you can save on kid’s clothes!


Poshmark is widely known for their heavily discounted name brand items that are new with the tags still attached or lightly worn. Not only are the prices up to 70% off, but you can actually score it for an even cheaper price by using the site’s “Offer” capability. That’s right, you can basically bargain with the seller to a price that’s fitting for you. Sellers can also bundle items to promote savings and when an item drops in price a certain amount of times shipping is free! This may make some of you frantic because you’re not purchasing from an actual store, but if an item isn’t as described when received Poshmark will give you Posh credit (Merchandise credit). I know! How simple is that! The site has so much to offer, if you don’t know where to get started when looking for children’s clothes, start with Zara! That’s my go-to.

Thrift Store

I love thrifting. I can hang out in a Goodwill for hours on end and leave 100% satisfied. New or lightly worn there is so much to pick from. If you’re one of those vintage lovin’ mamas, I find thrift stores the best to shop for vintage clothes. One of the thrift stores in our town will have an extra % off of certain departments throughout the week, all indicated by the color of the sticker on the tag. Talk about dirt cheap clothes!

Garage Sales

Garage sales are the best when it comes to kid’s clothes! Why? You can literally buy an entire lot of clothes! Instead of spending $20 on a name-brand shirt, you could spend $50 and score multiple shirts, pants, hats, and shoes! You name it. If you happen to stop by a garage sale and the seller seems to be selling the clothes individually, don’t hesitate to ask them how much they’d want for the lot! My mom has done this plenty of times when shopping for my kids which is how we end up with boxes and boxes of clothes. If it’s a community garage sale and you happen to be selling items of your own you may even be able to make a trade with the seller!


If you have any family members or friends that had babies, be open and ask for hand-me-downs. After having Mason a cousin of mine dropped by my house with 2 trash bags FULL of clothes! I remember washing it all wondering when it would end. Don’t forget to offer to babysit! Also, always save your children’s clothes, even if you don’t think you won’t have any more kids there’s always a possibility your mind could change. My mom told me to save all of Mason’s clothes and I replied with certainty that I wouldn’t need them because we weren’t having any more kids. Well, Levi’s a happy-camper in his big bros hand-me-downs, that’s for sure.

Happy saving!

Ana Golobic



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