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Breastfeeding Motivation: My Story

First off, let me start with: Don’t give up

For you expecting mothers…

Don’t give up before you had the chance to start.

Before having Mason (My first-born) I already knew that I wanted to formula feed. Mainly because I thought that breastfeeding would be too much work. Growing up I was always told not to knock something before trying it, and this was one of those things. Sorta. Well, I mean if you count feeding in the hospital and maybe like 3 days after being discharged as “trying“. Within those few days my boobs hurt like hell and my nipples bled. I was OVER it. Even after getting my free pump through my insurance, I let my milk dry up, called it a day, and never looked back. After all, Mason seemed perfectly fine drinking Similac, and I had no complaints from the doc about his health.

I reflect on this time and feel bad for Mason because I didn’t give it enough effort.

Fast forward.

Levi was born (2 months ago to be exact). Again, I knew I was going to formula feed and said it religiously while pregnant every single time my OB asked. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, a girlfriend of mine found out that her and her husband were expecting! We discussed so many things about motherhood and parenting practices, and of course one of them was breastfeeding. She had shared with me that she was pretty certain that she was going to breastfeed, while I continued to say I was set on formula. My girlfriend gave birth a few months before me so of course we chatted all about breastfeeding and just about everything else, up until I had Levi. She remained consistent with breastfeeding on her first child, to this day! To me, that’s #supermom material.

Honestly, because of her efforts and persistence, she motivated me to… Drum roll… Breastfeed! So shout out to Clyde’s mama!

Since Levi was born he has been fed boob milk. But get this, the moment I got my pump (two days after being discharged) it was strictly pumped milk. To this day I still deal with clogged ducts, bleeding nipples, so on and so forth, yes I still have the same issues I would if it was mouth-to-boob (No mastitis, thank God). Many moms find it easier to feed from the actual boobs, others find it easier to pump. Whichever form of breastfeeding works for you, do it to it!

As a mom of two, a 1 1/2 year old toddler and a 2 month old I have managed to breastfeed. It may sound far fetched for those who had the same experience with their first child, but I manage. I’m not only taking care of two kiddos at home, but I have also returned to work. Due to our situation, we don’t have an extra hand with child care, so it’s only me until my husband comes home from work. That means yes, I still cook, clean the house, and tend to two little ones. Plus my Shiba baby. When I come home from work at night, I still get up in the night to feed Levi (My husband works first thing in the morning, 7am to be exact), pump more milk, wash the pump supplies (The worst part) and repeat until morning. Oh yeah. At work? Pumping. Add another thing on the list that I’m making time for while breastfeeding: blogging.

Hey, my OB’s son is turning 1 and she’s breastfeeding. Come on. She’s a doctor! Imagine those long hours of working, I’m sure she’s tired as hell. But hey, she does it.

If you’re reading this and you’re contemplating whether or not you can continue to breastfeed or do it all-shout out to the expecting mothers…

Trust me, you can.

I have faith in you,

Ana Golobic


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